For whom?

The medical background is fundamental, but the addition of an artistic point of view when a patient presents himself with a specific problem, has contributed considerably to physiotherapy, which has traditionally been more concerned with practicality. What does your posture reveal? Do you make full use of your physique? Are you fit? Can you realize your potential to release any latent movement? Together we will create a therapeutic strategy that will stimulate any dormant movement, making better use of your faculties, enabling your body to return once again to a sense of well-being. Complaints of head, neck, shoulders, arms, back, pelvic girdle, and legs, can be brought together into one category. Certain overtaxed parts of the body will relax when other underused parts receive stimulation. Insight into the functioning of the body as a whole, has added an extra dimension to physiotherapy, which I have successfully utilized. I have observed how people enjoy learning how their limbs interact with one another, experiencing it as a pleasurable journey of self-discovery.

Don’t expect any heavy exercise. You will learn how to extend your body’s capabilities in a relaxing way, sometimes with use of natural movement and sometimes with the help of massage. Without the need of verbalization, you will experience the points of the body where either too much or too little tension has built up. You are searching for a general sense of well-being and this can help you to cope with the body’s limitations.